Thursday, January 8, 2009

A traditional Burnie Christmas

Currently my blog won't allow pictures to be uploaded which is making me really frustrated so please excuse me if I sound a bit peeved.

Anyway I arrived in Burnie yesterday. The house was decorated beautifully for Christmas with a large tree laden with lights and decorations, numerous Christmas cards and, of course, presents.

I love getting presents. My presents were: clogs, computer games, Prince Caspian and Out of Africa movies, a CD, an exercise thing and a butterfly candle holder.

We had an enormous meal starting with seafood cocktails, then roast turkey, ham and vegetables and, finally, Christmas pudding. I was really very full.

We then played the game I got my brother for Christmas which is a game where you have to make newspaper headlines from the cards you get dealt. Then we played monopoly.

It was a much more traditional Christmas with the food etc than the one with Dad but I have enjoyed both immensely.

It's a pity I can't show photos as there is a skinny, old looking santa with glasses who I think looks quite amusing.

Hope I can add the photos tomorrow. Watch this space.

God Bless you all

PS Yay -finally able to upload pictures. Thank God!

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