Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bronwen Meredith - Ninety Years Young!

Yesterday I went to my very first 90th birthday celebration. Relatives came from interstate, intrastate and overseas for the occasion.
Pictured are: (Photo 1 from left to right) - Unle Richard, his wife Fran (both of Melbourne) and my cousin and Richard's son Gabe (from Devonport). (Photo 2 from left to right) Cousin Bess (Richard and Fran's daughter - from Melbourne), Nanna, My cousin Evan (from New Zealand) and his wife Cathy (formerly of the USA now living in New Zealand). (Photo 3 from left to right) My Uncle Nigel (Evan's father, from New Zealand), cousin Ruby (Fran and Richard's daughter, from Melbourne), my Aunt Heather (Nigel's wife and Evan's mother, from New Zealand) and my Uncle Richard again. Photo 4 is obviously my Nanna.
My grandmother is well respected for her commitment to peace and human rights and has won several awards for her contribution.
I also remember her telling me an anecdote of seeing a University Graduation when she was a child with very few women in it. She asked why and was told not many women went to University. "Well I'm going to go," said the young Bronwen and, of course, she did.
She also has five children, fourteen grandchildren and three great-grand children. She is very good at keeping up with all their activities.
On her birthday she said: "My happiest birthday present is to have some of my children and grandchildren with me."
She quoted the Bible (from the book of Proverbs): "A dinner of herbs where love is, is better than a stalled ox."
Not that we ate a "dinner of herbs". The lunch was wonderful. My uncle Richard did something wonderful with pink eye potatoes, there was also roast chicken and ham, various dips and salad.
I asked my Nanna what were the main improvements that had happened during her lifetime and she said, "Better health and openness in personal relationships."
I asked her what her proudest achievement was and she said "Having my children."
As about half of the relatives present had degrees majoring in English, and the other half were interested, a lively discussion about the English language and grammar occurred.
"The English language is absolutely ridiculous!" my Nanna said and sympathised with the plight of migrants/refugees who had to learn it.
I had a really good time and Nanna seemed both relaxed and excited.
Let's hope some of us get to see ninety!
God Bless you all


  1. Hi Amber,
    A lovely write up of the day and
    some great photos.
    Great to see you,
    love Bess

  2. Great to see you too and thanks for your comments.

    Keep in touch.


  3. that was fabulous, thanks amber! sorry i couldn't be there, but it sounds as if a wonderful time as had by all. Love jill x

  4. Thanks Jill

    I think everyone had a great time and it was the happiest I have seen Nanna for a long time.

    Lots of Love