Thursday, January 22, 2009

Barack Obama's Inaugeration

Yesterday my friend Edwina brought a tape of Barack Obama's inaugeration and we watched it at my place with another friend of mine, Heather.

Millions of people were outside waiting for Barack Obama to 'make history' as America's first black president.

Despite what must have been a gruelling schedule Obama appeared poised and confident as he came to the podium amidst loud chants of "Obama Obamna" fronm the crowd.

Obama stressed that the people of America should remain faithful to their founders in the midst of the current crisis.

He clearly indicated what were the signifiers of crisis - war in Iraq and Afghanistan, the economy, lack of health care and appropriate schooling and the environment. He said that these challenges would be met and that everyone should choose hope over fear.

He stressed that he was standing for peace and dignity. This got a large cheer.

He said that for the Muslim world - he wanted to enter a new era of respect and work towards the "conmon good". For poorer nations he said that he wanted to see their farms flourish.

He said that Americans are entering a new era of responsibility - to themselves, the nation and the world. That "with hope and virtue let us brace the icy currents..."

After this wonderful speech an elderly black man, Reverend Joseph E Lowery, a civil rights leader with Martin Luther King, prayed for Obama. He said thaqt God had the 'whole world in his hands' and that he wanted the poor delivered from exploitation and a world without war and racism.

I believe Obama will be a good president and that he is sincere. He is not, however, Jesus, and he will make mistakes.

I urge everyone to pray for him, respect him and forgive him when the honeymoon period is over and he makes a mistake.

God Bless you all


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