Friday, January 23, 2009

Jessie's first week

As you can see Jessie has adjusted well to her new home and her new human.

The first day was difficult as Jessie refused to eat and spent all day sniffing at every crevice of the flat.

After that it was plainer sailing. Jessie ate her food and snuggled up to me on the bed.

She also likes sitting on the laptop case and, as a result, the laptop case is furry.

She is cautious with my friends and does more sussing out than Kaffy did but she really likes my friend Heather who, I think, has a way with animals.

I feel I have bonded well with Jessie and feel that she will be a permanent pet.

I haven't yet let her outside and won't until there is some chicken wire on the gate to stop her running on the road and meeting the same fate as Kaffy.

I look forward to further time with Jessie.

God Bless you all



  1. Hi Amber, I forgot to put my nameon my last blog about Jessie. Sounds like you've got it all organised settling her in and helping to prevent her going on the road. She looks like a real darling. She is lucky to have such a cosy home and a loving owner.
    Happy days to the both of you,
    Luv, Merridy xx

  2. Thanks Merridy

    I am really happy how she's settling in and I'm keeping everything nice and clean for her.

    God Bless


  3. Patch sits on my laptop case whenever I go visit mum and then I spend the next week getting her fur off!


  4. Yeah - Jessie is on my laptop case right now!

    What is it with cats and laptop cases - any ideas anyone?