Sunday, January 11, 2009

Another Beautiful Beach (Boat Harbour)

Hi Everyone

Yesterday I had a wonderful and relaxing day with my friends Eleanor, Megan and Karl, and Megan and Karl's children. We went to Boat Harbour beach.

It is hard to tell from the photo but the water at Boat Harbour is the most brilliant blue. It is so beautiful that it makes me marvel and thank God for his creation.

The sand is also really, really white. It is a picture perfect beach.

When Megan and Karl left Eleanor and I walked along the beach. The photo on the top shows what we saw. I was fascinated by the red, glutinous looking anenomes nicknamed 'blood suckers' which were all over the rocks. I thought they too looked beautiful.
I am so grateful to God for making this scenery and to conservationists and residents for making sure it is not spoiled.
God Bless you all

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  1. Amber it's great to read of your appreciation of beauty. Makes me appreciate it more. I spent a wonderful week or so at Boat Harbour a few years ago and remember it as the most perfect beach too.