Sunday, January 18, 2009

Old School Friends - Vanessa

NB: Don't worry I have permission to write about Vanessa - I'm not going to write about anyone without their permission.
Anyway about Vanessa.
I first met Vanessa in (I think) Grade 8 because we were in the same netball team.
Later we were both in the same class for many things - most notably Maths and Social Science.
I remember Vanessa as short and energetic and really allergic to cats. She told me nothing has changed except that she now has two children. I told her I was in awe of anyone who was able to raise children.
Vanessa remembered me as 'very intelligent' and very good at English. She said she wasn't surprised I'd written a novel. I was happy about that.
I asked her if I was a difficult teenager and she said no more than anyone else which was a relief as I always envisoned myself as difficult.
Vanessa is also renowned for introducing me to my first boyfriend Rene when I was nineteen.
In terms of spirituality Vanessa has just gone back to church and is rediscovering the faith of her adolescence.
I had a great time with Vanessa and hope to keep in touch.
God Bless Vanessa and all my other readers.

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