Monday, December 15, 2008

More Family History ie Part Two

These are my ancestors on my mother's side. Their names are Thomas and Emily Wragg.
They were the first white settlers in Somerset. Somerset is a little town in the North West of Tasmania, near Burnie. The main street is called Wragg Street after my ancestors.
I lived in Somerset from the age of nine until the age of eighteen.
Thomas Dodd Wragg was an engraver of pretty pictures, a lay preacher and a poet.
I have a book called the Album of Opinions which records the opinions of Thomas and Emily and their friends and family.
Here is an excerpt from Thomas Dodd Wragg's opinions.
The prose and poetical authors you admire most? Solomon, Isaiah, Luke, Shakespeareke, Dickens.
A brief definition of Love: A beneficient arrangement and necessary for the existentence of humanity. Sadly misrepresented by sentimental fiction writers.
The scenery you admire most: Fern forest glades on land. Bold rocky cliffs by sea.
That's all for now.
God Bless
PS I made a mistake. The woman pictured is Thomas Wragg's daughter Lucy, not his wife Emily. Thanks to my mother, Diane, for working that out

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