Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Four Holidays - The movie

Last night my family and I watched the movie 'Four Holidays''.

We are all big fans of Reese Witherspoon after her success in ''Walk the line' and ''Legally Blonde'.

The movie was an easy one to watch. The plot was simple. A youngish couple seek to avoid family and romantic commitments and lead a fairly hedonistic lifestyle pleasing only themselves.

Every year at Christmas they lie to their family and say they are doing aid work overseas when, in fact, they are just having a holiday.

But this year - due to flight cancellations - they have to spend Christmas with their four parents (all divorced). Chaos ensues and the couple's love and loyalty to each other is tested.

I think the themes are very good and quite challenging for people who wish to avoid their family commitments.

What wrecked the movie a bit, for me, was the performance by Vince Vaughn. His character came across as both boring and weak and he was no match for Reese Witherspoon's acting and characterisation.

Overall, though, I enjoyed the movie and would recommend it for light entertainment.

God Bless You all



  1. I LOVE Legally Blonde. what a great chick flick idea for movie night. except that i have an outstanding video city bill....oops.

  2. yeah Legally Blonde is great. Much better than four holidays

    God Bless