Friday, December 12, 2008

Like WOW - I wrote a novel

In November I took on the nanowrimo challenge to write a novel of at least 50 000 words in a month. I got to 50 000 words in the month (hence my winners certificate) but it took me an extra week to finish the novel. In the end it was 75 000 words long (about 300 pages).
The novel starts with the birth of a baby and ends with a wedding. It is, primarily, a happy book celebrating spiritual and familial love. But, to make it more realistic, I have included some tragedy.
I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of writing under pressure and intend doing nanowrimo next year. My project next year will be a fantasy, possibly for children. For those that know me well I have been wanting to write a children's book with dinosaurs and other extinct animals for quite some time.
For those who want to read my current novel I would appreciate it if you could wait until mid January as I want to completely forget about it until then.
For those who want to enquire about nanowrimo the website address is
In terms of other writing projects I have nearly finished co-authoring a play with my friend Heather. It is a play based in the psych ward and details the reactions of patients and staff to a patient death. Although it sounds sombre it is lightened by some funny scenes and characters.
My other writing project is my memoirs - particularly those centreing around my six year mental illness. I am about half way through them and my thanks goes to my friend Megan who has acted as an editor of many of the peices.
Anyway, that's the good news. My next post will be the bad news (I am forewarning you in case you want to skip it).
God Bless You all


  1. Keep up the positive attitude!
    Wow what an exciting month you've had and achieved so well. I can't imagine how disciplined you have had to be. If you can do that, you can do anything. Such strength and courage! Go forward.

  2. Thanks. I am now devoting my efforts to getting healthy and clean. Wish me luck.