Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Australia - The Movie

Last night I went to see the movie 'Australia' with my dad. I expected it to be mediocre given the reviewers hadn't been that impressed but...it wasn't. I was pleasantly surprised.

Here are the good points

  • The little Aboriginal boy who played 'Nullah' was superb. Cute but strong. Caught between two cultures.
  • Nicole Kidman was awesome. She looked extremely pretty and acted very feisty.
  • Hugh Jackman complemented Kidman perfectly and the tension/attraction between them was 'just right'
  • The film highlighted the 'stolen generation' and was respectful of Aboriginal culture
  • David Wenham was great as the evil cattle owner who stole, killed and manipulated people to get money/cattle
  • The bombing of Darwin was realistic and placed the film in history
  • The scenery was stunning and formed a perfect backdrop to the film.

I suggest everyone goes to this film. It is the best Australian film I have ever seen and is both entertaining and historical.

God Bless you all


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