Monday, December 22, 2008

In Memory of Kafka (Kaffy) Meredith

As most of you are probably aware my beloved cat Kaffy was run over by a car and died last Tuesday. I was devastated. We had the funeral yesterday and that gave me some relief and a sense of closure.

This quote sums up how I felt about Kaffy: "To others she may seem just a common little moggy, but to me she is my friend, confidante and comfort." Author Unknown.

Kaffy was a dear companion, a comfort in my distress and a friend always. I loved Kaffy dearly and spent many hours cuddling her and enjoying her company. She was calm, friendly and affectionate and always made my friends and family welcome. Many non-cat lovers - such as my friends Melonie Smith and Yvonne Wilkins - changed their minds when they met Kaffy. She will be sadly missed by many people.

I have placed a cat ornament and plastic flowers in the garden in memory of her. These are pictured.
My thanks go to all the people who helped me look after Kaffy - especially Rohan and Anthea, my stepmother Merridy, Tracey, Debbie and Tony and Kate.
My thanks also goes to all those who attended the funeral - Fiona, Kerri, Kate, Edwina, Heather, Yvonne and Owen.
After advice by various people I intend getting a new, fully grown cat in late January.
In the meantime I have my memories of a truly remarkable and exceptionally loving friend and companion.
God Bless you all.

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