Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Shack - Where Tragedy Confronts Eternity

Hi Everyone
I just finished reading The Shack. It was a gripping read - well written, lots of action and emotion and, of course, a lot of spiritual information.
I will only tell a little of the story because I want you all to read it.
Basically a family goes camping and, while there, their youngest daughter is kidnapped and brutally murdered. The father, like most of us when tragedy strikes, got angry at God.
He receives a letter from God to go back to the shack where the murder of his daughter took place.
What follows then is the story of his burgeoning relationship with God.
What I liked the most is that it taught, in an interesting way, that God is a God of love, of relationship and of forgiveness. God wants our good and He is good.
It's often hard for me to realize this when my own life has often been so negative. This was the same for the guy in the story. I also relate to Jesus more than I relate to God the Father or the Holy Spirit. This was the same for the main character, Mack, as well.
I would encourage everyone to give this book a go - even if you are not a Christian, or you are but don't believe God can speak so personally. Just pick up this book and see what you make of it. It is truly intriguing.
God Bless you all and have a Fabulous Easter Sunday Tomorrow.


  1. That sounds like a wonderful book. Someday when I have sometime I will have to read it! I am glad it helped you with your own beliefs as well. I hope your Easter is wonderful! Take Care!

  2. I haven't read the book, but it sounds like you got the most important good out of The Shack, that "God is a God of love, of relationship and of forgiveness. God wants our good and He is good." The Lord IS good.

    Do be sure that as you move forward, you don't let The Shack shape your theology in other ways that are not as Biblical. For a review, see

    Wishing you a blessed time of celebrating our Lord's resurrection.

  3. Thanks for the encouragement.

    I don't think the Shack is theology - more like subjective experience.

    God Bless