Monday, April 6, 2009

I go to the doctor

Hi Everyone

Today I went to the doctor. Because...I was physically sick twice in March and I still feel pretty run down and, of course, because I am feeling very stressed and depressed. I have even had my menstrual period twice in four weeks which I think is probably due to stress.

My doctor is really lovely. She is thorough, kind and patient. She did a physical examination and then quizzed me a little about my lifestyle and psychological state.

In the end she told me to:

  1. Keep doing my studies because it distracts me from my problems and, besides, I'm good at it.
  2. Take a multivitamin every day
  3. Get lots of rest
  4. Don't exercise or overdo activities
  5. Go to the Melbourne comedy festival as planned because humour is healing
  6. Take valium when needed
  7. Stay out of hospital if at all possible

She said I suffered from a post viral syndrome with depression and anxiety (which are pre existing).

Tomorrow I go to the psychiatrist for my monthly check up and blood test.

Please continue to pray for my physical and mental health and for my beautiful cat.

God Bless



  1. I sincerely hope that this week is a better one for you, and for your kitty. :)

  2. Ambersun, thanks for checking in with us here. Glad you went to the doctor. I pray that you will be moving in a more positive way, as hard as it is! This is all of our goals! Blessings dear one!

  3. I will have you in my thoughts. Maybe I will even think up something witty to post that may make you laugh. You never know, though. Teenagers are only funny to some of us!! ha. Take care.


  4. I'll be thinking of you. Keep on taking care of yourself! :-)

  5. Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers.

    Keep it up.

    God Bless


  6. Hope you are doing okay dear one this Tuesday! It is my Monday night for me.

  7. I think your doctor gave you some good advice. I'm glad that you're still going to Melbourne, that will be lots of fun and a nice break. Hope your health picks up for your trip!