Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Album of Opinions Revisited

Hi Everyone

As many of you know before my grandmother died last year she left me a book that recorded the opinions of the relatives and friends of my great great grandmother and grandfather. These are really interesting. I am including, today, the full set of opinions of my great great grandmother Emily Wragg. I am also making up a new Album of Opinions and would love it if you could answer these same questions and either email it to me or include it in a comment.

Anyway here it goes - Emily Wragg's opinions

The noblest aim in life
The Greatest wonders of the world
Electricity and steam
The characters you most admire in real life
Kind husband and loving children
Who do you consider the greatest living politician?
Bad is the best right now
What political questions are you chiefly interested in?
Marriage with a deceased wife's sister - I don't like it.
The greatest artists and musicians
Too many to mention
Your favourite characters in fiction.
John Halifay
The time of year you like best
The authors you admire most
Walter Scott, Pope
A Brief Definition of love
A state of impermanence but beautiful while it lasts
The scenery you admire most
Woodland, beach and agricultural
Your idea of happiness
Quiet time with a dear relative or friend
Your favourite motto or proverb
"Whatevery thy hand guideth to do, do it with thy might."
The wrongs you would redress
Reforms you would advocate
Religious instruction in schools and the better management of children.
Your favourite recreation or hobby
Reading and needlework - no hobby
The true place of woman in society
House or at a friend's
Your favourite topic of study
It has been music
Your chief ambition
To be worthy of a good name
The Christian name you like be
Herbert Lucy
Your ideas on the subject of marriage
A state of happiness if both parties are loving
The qualities you respect most in men and women?
Men - generosity and courage
Women - modesty and sincerity
Your favourite flowers, birds and beasts
Roses, Talking Birds, Dogs

Name Emily M Wragg
Date June 25th 1885


  1. Fascinating! Very interesting questions and answers. I'd have to think awhile before I could come up with good answers to some of these questions.

  2. Wow! That is such a neat idea. Did you say that you are going to compile your own collection of peoples responses? That would be such a wonderful idea! Thank you for your words of encouragement! I really appreciate them. I hope you are well and I hope the rain has let up. It rained here for so long and it has been nice now for awhile but this evening it is supposed to thunderstorm and then all go down hill from there. At least it will not get too cold! :) I hope things are turning around for you and you are getting to feel some relief from all the hectic things going on in your life.

  3. Thanks Sarah and Juliet for your comments.

    I am Ok. It is still raining and I am worried about my beautiful cat Jessie. She has her vet appointment tomorrow.


  4. Ambersun, I have an award waiting for you in the post "Just Be Real Award." Come by and take of it dear one!

  5. How fascinating and wonderful that you have this record! Must think about the questions.