Saturday, June 26, 2010

5 minute fiction

This is the start of a little story I wrote in 5 minutes at my creative writing class. Let me know if you like it.

"Let's just take a moment to think this through," she said
He nodded.
"We really have no other option,"she said.
He nodded again.

She walked to the bedroom and got out her imitation leather suitcase. Slowly, oh so slowly, she picked up pieces of clothing, touching them tenderly. Some went in the suitcase. Others she folded neatly and placed on the bed they shared.

She stopped momentarily and wiped a small tear from her eye. She sighed deeply. It was going to be harder than she had imagined. Much, much harder.

She wanted to burn her wedding dress in the fire.


  1. Nice work here Amber. Maybe you can add to this at sometime? Sounds like a good story...

    Hope you are having a good week,


  2. Thanks - any suggestions on how I could add to it?