Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Why I will vote Labor

Yes I do agree that Kevin Rudd has made some mistakes. I recently signed a petition to get him to give more funding etc to mental health - an issue I have very strong opinions on but...what are the other options?
On Monday I visited St John's Presbyterian church to view a web cast of Kevin Rudd (Australian Prime Minister) and Tony Abbott (Opposition Leader) speaking to Christians of prominent denominations.
Right from the start Kevin Rudd was clear, had well thought out policies and was able to relate well to the audience.
Abbott, in contrast, had vaguely expressed policies and also said things I disagree with about Aboriginal issues (Aboriginal people must learn to take responsibility...) and the economy (we want to cut spending without decreasing services - I don't know how you could do that and he didn't explain...)
Rudd, in contrast, had concrete plans for addressing health (taking on 60% of the funding), homelessness (building more temporary and permanent places to live), welfare reform in the NT to make sure essentials such as food were being bought and the environment (emissions trading and reductions, renewable energy).
Both men have a religious faith and it is certainly not on that basis that I criticize Abbott. I just feel that leaders should have a clear vision for our country and he seems to lack this vision.
Of course I would welcome respectful discussion on these matters.
My love to you all

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