Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Movie Review - Closing the Ring

Hi Everyone

Today I went to see a free movie at the Casino called "Closing the Ring".

In its blurb it says: "In 1941 Branagan, Michigan, the beautiful Ethel Anne (Mischa Barton) captures the hearts of three young airmen going to war; Teddy, Jack and Chuck. It's Teddy she chooses, and they marry in secret on the eve of his departure. Teddy makes Chuck promise that if he doesn't come back, Chuck will take care of Ethel."

The movie starts in 1991 where Chuck and Ethel's daughter is giving the eulogy at her father's funeral. Many of the ex servicemen are there, including Jack.

Meanwhile, in Ireland, a man has been digging up the remains of a forty year old air smash that killed Teddy. The young man helping him finds the wedding ring of Ethel and Teddy.

As the story progresses it is clear that the now older Ethel (played by Shirley McLaine) is mourning Teddy rather than Chuck. This angers her daughter who moves out of home.

Meanshile the young Irish boy contacts Ethel and they arrange to meet.

I won't tell you the rest because it will spoil it - but, it does have a happy ending.

The story was a bit confusing being in two locations with lots of flashbacks but I sort of 'got it' by the end. The stand out feature for me was the innocence and enthusiasm of the young Irish boy.

I wouldn't mind seeing it again just so I can 'get it' completely - any takers?

God Bless you all


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