Thursday, February 12, 2009

Club Funk and the Divine Pantomime

Hi Everyone

Yesterday was my first day of classes at the Polytechnic. We did team work. We were put into teams by drawing out of a hat. After we were in our teams we had to invent a business.

We had to develop a team name, business name, business motto, logo and colour scheme and the type of business. Our team developed all of these whereas the other teams only got about halfway through. Go Club Funk!

Anyway our team name is 'Club Funk' because many of us liked dancing/clubbing and we liked the word 'Funk'. We decided we were a costume and accessories shop for theatre productions. The business is called 'The Divine Pantomime'. The word 'divine' is in rainbow colours and the word 'pantomime' is in black and white. The motto is 'From dreams to reality' and the logo is a black and white pantomime mask with the previous rainbow colours streaming through as lights.

I really enjoyed this exercise and thought our team worked well together. I was able to relate a bit better to the younger members of the group.

However, some of the young girls that were not in my group continue to ignore me during breaks. This is a bit hurtful for me. Please pray that I will remain positive despite this.

God Bless you all



  1. AWWw, that sounds awesome...I love your groups ideas. you keep your head up amber. BTW (Psst.. I think that some people are just snobs anyway. *nudge *nudge *wink *wink)

  2. Thanks Tracey

    The group work really was fun. I am able to relate positively to most of the class, it is just one group of girls who know each other and gossip and giggle all of the time.

    Keep up the encouragement and prayer.

    God Bless