Thursday, February 5, 2009

Back to Work

Hi Everyone

Today I had the awesome opportunity of re-starting work in the Crossroads Church office. I previously worked as one of the secretaries for a couple of years, but that came to an end following my long hospitalisation last year.

But now - it's time for a fresh start. There was a lot to do. I went stationery shopping (I actually find this fun - go figure!) and got the usher guidelines laminated from the Xerox shop. I watched them laminate. They are so precise with the laminator and the guillotine. I was envious - I see crookedly and always stuff up those sort of jobs.

I sent out the 'Weekly Announce Email' - I love doing this, not sure why but I do. There were three points - Evangelism, Scripture under Scrutiny (SUS) which is a course for people wanting to find out about Christianity and the upcoming conference on 'The Body'.

I also whipped up a few personal/business emails and updated some computer files. I didn't finish everything but I put what I didn't finish into the 'Projects' and 'To Do' computer documents. In the office there is a special way to organise information. 'Projects' is for tasks with more than one action whereas 'To Do' is for straight forward, one action tasks.

Mikey supervised me most of the day which was good. He helped clarify some of the stuff I didn't understand.

I think today proved that I am suitable for this work and, therefore, am doing the right course at the Polytechnic (formerly TAFE). Here's to a fabulous career in administration!

God Bless you all



  1. Hey Amber, congradulations. I liked your review on Aspire too, very well done, can we meet up again for the last time next week? school starts up again for me too s owe will have to schedual a time for us both... are you fre thursday between 11-12?

  2. Hi Tracey

    Thanks for your comments. Have emailed you re times.

    God Bless