Monday, March 9, 2009

Like Wow - I've co-written a play

Hi Everyone

Yesterday my friend Heather and I finished the first draft of our play.

The play doesn't have a title as yet - if anyone can think of one please let me know.

It is a black comedy set in the psych ward.

It starts with the death of a patient who had been let out on leave.

The rest of the play details the responses of staff and patients to his death.

The play opens with the dead person's friend, Will, reciting a poem about the incident.

We then move onto the 'smoking area' of the ward where Will informs the other patients of David's death.

Chrissie, who was in love with David, is distraught and goes psychotic. Jude wants to raise him from the dead. Sara is disappointed she didn't get to have sex with him before he died. And Nicky, lastly, has seen many such deaths.

The doctor, Dr Woo, reacts in an agorant manner. The more experienced nurse, Karen, is concerned about the ripple effect of such an incident. And the inexperienced nurse, Jen, tries to be sympathetic to the patients but is met with aggression and distrust.

The play is, like all first drafts, a bit rough and patchy and needs work. It was fun doing it though and I hope we can hone it to perfection.

This is the first time I've co-authored anything and its been great fun.

God Bless



  1. Congratulations! Hope the honing process goes well.

  2. Matthew (Fozz) FosterMarch 26, 2009 at 6:09 PM

    Awesome! I'm so happy for you Amber, it's so great that you are finding outlets for your creativity. Hope to see this play on stage in the not too distant future. Congratulations.

  3. Thanks Fozz

    I've just finished typing up the play. I actually want to direct this one.

    What are you up to?

    I'm coming up to Burnie at Easter.

    Hope to see you then.

    God Bless