Friday, March 20, 2009

Guest post by Jessie the Cat

Hi Everyone

My name is Jessie and, as you can see, I am a very good looking female cat. As I am desexed all you male cats can look but not touch.

On January 15 2009 Amber became my human. I chose her because she cuddled me a lot when she came to the cat centre and because she didn't mind me hissing at all the other cats so I could have her all too myself. I am a jealous cat!

For the last two months I have been training Amber in how to meet my needs. She's doing OK but I don't get enough 'outside' time. Today I managed to escape and I went under the house - Amber can't get into the 'under the house bit' because it's too small. Yay! I came out with lots of cobwebs on my beautiful face though. Then I went to the big park next door and Amber came and got me.

Food is good here though. Today Amber gave me some leftover stew. It was very yummy. I purred as I ate it. I also got my usual canned food and some dry food. I am getting used to the dry food now. At first I refused to eat it.

I also like the computer. As you can see sitting on the laptop case is one of my favourite places. I also like walking on the keyboard. Amber doesn't like me doing that though.

I have met some of Amber's friends. My favourites were Heather and Kerri but they were all OK. None of them were cruel to me.

The best thing about Amber is she's very affectionate. I get lots of cuddles and pats. I like that usually. And I get to snuggle up on the bed at night time. I sit on Amber's side and purr.

So, life is good, but would be better if I got more 'outside time'.

Thank you for reading my post. I know it's good and I'm beautiful.



  1. Hi Jessie, great to meet you! You have big, lovely eyes. You sound like a much nicer cat than I am... much more friendly. I've met your Amber person. She's very nice. You've found a great human to call your own. Purrs!

  2. Thank you Pablo. I know my eyes are beautiful and that I have a great human.

    I hope that she will let me outside more often though.


  3. Thank you for the post about my birthday. Amber that is, not Jessie! It is a great idea. I saw that you suffer from mental illness. My daughter and her best friend are currently working to raise awareness about mental health in ND. We have an important family friend who suffers from bi-polar, and two of us struggle with depression. Congratulations on taking control of your life and succeeding. We know that it is not always that easy. Love from ND


  4. Thanks for your encouragement Danielle.

    Mental illness, as you say, is not always easy but I am finding it easier to cope with now I have the right medication.

    I hope your friend and family members get better as well. Good on you for raising awareness.